Around Town : Gogyroz

It hurts my soul to watch people miss places that want to not only bring in new concepts to Dubai but also serve the population in a way that makes them feel at home. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting Gogryroz tucked in a corner of JLT cluster D with reference of a trusted friend. Now I know what you’re thinking, there might be some already out in Dubai serving variations Gyro meat. However, this was my very first time trying it out and regret I wont!



You know what tastes better than good food, a good experience. I’m also a sucker for art of story telling, the team there takes pleasure in a few minutes of story time that revolves around the original concept. (* the “also” is in addition for food, if you didn’t already guess it)
Alright, Alright, Alright. I’m getting to the food alright!
We ordered 2 variation of each specials on the menu. Let me just begin by saying their meat is quite tender and delicious. Also, very polite to the stomach if you know what I mean.
Sandwiches : The Mayan Myth (Lamb version)  and The Ottoman Odysseys ( Chicken version). Both the sandwiches were different from what I’ve eaten so far. As much as I loved Mayan Myth and love red meat! The Ottoman Odyssesys was just too good to be so true. Absolutely delicious and extremely tender. The eggplant combination worked incredibly well.
 The Ottoman Odysseys (Chicken version) AED 32
Extremely tender meat wrapped in doner pocket bread with tomatos, pickles, roasted eggplant sauce and tomato sauce.


The Mayan Myth  AED 32

Delicious meat wrapped in flour tortilla with the almighty condiments  chipotle salsa, gaucamole and jalepenos

Salad Platter and Gyroz Platter along with Mint Laban. All platters come with a choice of sauces made in house.

Gryroz Salad Platter with Tzatziki and Chipotile sauce

 Gyroz Platter
 Mint Laban (SOO Refresshing)
Last but not the least dessert! ( what an over used line! couldn’t help it)  Even though they don’t have a huge variety of desserts here (understandable) my sweet tooth was quite pleased with both the Oreo cheese cake and the interesting combination of Jelly, laban and biscuit base. It certainly pleased my taste buds.
Oreo Cheese cake
Laban, Digestive base and jell trifle. Just the right amount of sweet!
My visit there was intentional as I wanted to continue reviewing places around town. Which is why we decided to try a variety of things in order to experience their range of products. All this together could prove to be slightly pricey for two people in which case get either the sandwich or the platter. For the money you pay the food is extremely filling and quite satisfactory.

I made sure I packed the food and the sauces. I ended up using the sauces for all sorts of meals during the next few days. I loved em!

All in all it’s a must visit. Given the fact that it’s quite new, the place is definitely showing a lot of future potential.  As for me, I’ve definitely connected. I’m a vibe person, this tribe has my vibe!

I’d give it a 4/5 because it’s new but it’s a breezier for the freezer. A complete chill out spot which is a work in progress. Can’t wait to see more of gogyroz spreading around town.
Happy meating Ya’ll
Until next time
A xxxx


​I’ve never wanted to be saved. Never have I said so to myself. Maybe somewhere, in a dark corner, near the leaking walls of my mind I too wanted to be shadowed and sheltered. 

I say maybe because, I found you but I couldn’t find me. “Me” who never needed the warmth. In this clouded mind of mine, I found you finding pieces of me like I was part of you. 

Is this finally love? To feel what hasn’t been said and most definitely hasn’t even been felt by you. 

I only saw you, felt you and most importantly cherished you when you were away from me. When you do come around again, you sit there steaming with inspiration to be given, sometimes so perfect even with nothing said. 

You are to me not what you are to others, you are to me because of what you make me feel. 
I can’t help deny the contradicting roots, I can’t help deny our differences. I can’t help feeling the way I do about you. I can’t help being intoxicated by your scent.

Your name resting on the lips of many, your presence brings conversations together. Even when you’re less of yourself, you’re much more to everyone around you and some part of me.

Cheeni wali chai, you’re right here but I can’t have you and I miss you already. 

Zamaane bhar ke ghum ya ik teraa ghum, ye ghum hogaa to kitane ghum na honge

Mohabbat karne walay kam na honge, Teri mehfil main lekin ham na honge.

Agar tuu ittafaqan mil bhii jaaye, teri furqat ke sadamein kam na honge.

Goodbye, for the sake of my diabetic genes

The day my baby flew back 9/11

My baby finally flew back safely.. 9/11

Another preceding day began, my mode of excitement for work is never constant as usual yet never less than gratified. I rushed to work knowing little what this day would bring to me. Truly said, expect the unexpected. The day progressed on working through certain new project. I was occupied with setting material up in the kitchen. No thought at all. Just going with the flow.

The day flew by effortlessly. At the end my colleague and I decided to make ourselves a little treat to celebrate the end of the project . We started working on making ourselves a little some thing to satisfy our appetite. It happened right in the midst of making my cheer me up treat, my baby flew right back! Over joyed and excited; I jumped smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t believe it had happened, I proudly announced it to everyone who entered the room, “Look what the day brought to me!”

After all the staring eyes ,smiling and cheers that my baby spread across the room. I took a moment alone, which held still.. baby and I just gazed at each other. I slowly caressed my hand on the soft golden skin which triggered a certain indescribable spark inside of me. 

Like fat burger with double cheese, like a sip of cold coke with a huge bite of biryani, like cold air creeping in through your blanket in a winter night,like diet coke with stuffed crust pizza, like the new shoe in store, like a bucket of triple chocolate ice cream on a lazy night…Like harry met sally.. Yes! Like harry met sally.. Except this was the ending, I gently picked up the ganache pot that was prepared earlier sat next to the “treat” I was preparing but went ahead and poured chocolate all over my baby… Lots of it, couldn’t care less what anyone thought. I stared at how the ganache dripped from ends of his shoulders. My baby sat there gloriously.

My senses couldn’t wait to get hold of every part that held that glazing chocolate. I stepped away a little, while my baby layed there smothered in rich creamy chocolat. I slowly moved towards my colleague, leaned over her to pick up the fork and a knife lying behind her… I nervously approached my baby and gently cut through my baby. Today was the day my baby crepe flipped tossed in the air and right back into the arms of my pan. After several tries, finally, here we are. What an end to my day.

I will forget you not 9/11

Watch out for diy baby in ganache 😉

-A xx

Jab we met

​She insisted I meet him and planned for days to make it happen. She was sure it was meant for me. I pretended not to care for it, frankly almost believed it too.
That said, reality was far from it. Somewhere I secretly hoped we’d find each other and realize our destiny. I eagerly waited for the “planned” fate to happen.

Has anyone ever told you about the law of attraction? I think I unknowingly attracted the desire of meeting him into my life and she had nothing to do with it. It was an actual coincidence! I had prior warning but for it to take place like this from another source is almost as if the universe gave in. Could this be a sign? Could he be the one?

The day had come when I’d finally see him. I walked in late and there he was standing with someone else. I sat myself down, waited for my turn to interact with him. 

In a room full of people he sat there with an ease that can rarely be compared. I take few moments before I let my lips move. I was nervous and sort of anxious. What if someone sees my confusion and figures out what was on my mind. Ive never cared but at that moment, I seemed to care.

Almost feeling the cassette player in my car. My senses were rewinding, playing and forwarding in no particular order. As I watched everyones reaction towards him, everyone seemed to love him. I realized time had come to get myself together and face the encounter.

I approached him gently. Up close his forhead seemed to shine, I wondered if it was moisturizing oil. He was resting on a dark object in the room that made his skin look slightly pale.

I smiled and moved my gaze quickly to acknowledge the conversation around me before I could divert my attention back to him. He was warm and light in nature but seemed completely oblivious to my existence. How could I possibly judge it so soon? I just knew. Not only was our potential spark non existent but he was also more of an interest to someone else. 

They called him Paaye, maine dil pe pathar rakhke khaaye magar afsoos..dil ko bilkul na bha e.

While I almost enjoyed the soup swimming in some sort of grease. I sat there thinking “Something alien is floating in my grease. Is it fat? Is it skin? Maybe it’s both. I have heard that people fight to get more of it in their plate. I’m fighting to keep it down. I am usually all about giving food its proper respect. But at the moment allow me to be slightly disappointed and disrespectful.”

Maere is aghazay adhuri muhabbat ne mujhe kya kya naam delaye. Kabhi kahay log burger aur kabhi kabhi tou nazar se bhi gerae.

On the bright side my short one sided excitement is a complete love story for someone else.

Not so paaye lovingly yours,

 A xx

Modern Pakistan – Chakery in Sharjah

For months, on my ride back home I saw a simple pastel board with lit up letters, boldly flashing like the ones before a past sequence in an over-the-top Bollywood movie; a flash that the RTA would consider heavily fining, but all I could think was: “I can’t believe someone stole my idea”.

Let me assure you, I’m not the only Pakistani who would claim such a thing. I sat and contemplated ideas and one of them was this: a place called Cake & Chai. Yup! That’s the name.

I certainly was envious at the simplicity of the name that was being used. You have a specialty? PUT IT UP. It’s genius if you ask me, not just because it’s simple but also because UAE, as a friend would plainly put it, can be considered a modern Pakistan and Cake & Chai is almost like home.

Most of us love seeing our culture splattered around the city in ways that beautifully represent our roots with a twist. Almost like a fusion. It’s like going out for a steak and ending up at a chai karak place. It’s like having nihari then going for a slice of New York cheese cake. Like catching up on Games of Thrones then watching Humsafar. Someone once said ‘Kehte tou Burger hain humain, hain hum fusion.’  Not a very nice saying but y’know what I mean

Cake & Chai has been open for about a month, yet I feel there’s a lot to discover about the place, especially if the owner’s enthusiasm was anything to go by. Would you blame me for judging, consider that my dream that had been made a reality by someone else? And judge I did, but the ambiance and service took over and charmed me. I was absolutely delighted with the open mindedness for suggestions and good quality of service. No hate was given. Only smiles received.

This is the first place that I know of in the UAE where Doodh Patti can be had at an actual cafe. Move over Karak Chai, Doodh Patti is here to stay!  The interior is delicately painted with hints of truck art infused with a contemporary touch. On the wall hung tiny frames with common catch phrases used amongst Pakistanis. As for the real question, ‘khane main kya hai’? Selected range of cakes (duh) and savory bites to go perfectly with ami wali chai.

Collectively, my friends and I picked up Red Velvet cake, brownie and chai. I also packed a few chicken puffs to take home on my friend’s recommendation. I’m a hard cookie to please when it comes to dessert which is why the Red Velvet didn’t work my pallete as it felt too sweet. However, I know of many people who would enjoy this added sweetness. The brownie was a win for all of us, and as for the chicken puffs, when I reached home, changed and came back out of my room they were gone. AWIN- AGONE.

I’m looking forward to trying the rest of their menu. All in all, big hopes for this place and absolutely day dreaming of having those puff with chai.

Rozay main bhook drooling-ly yours

A xxx

Workingon my photography skills…just you wait.


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Forgive me, for I have sinned

I’ve been cut out of the womb. I’m born with this noise echoing the white room, I can see silver and flesh. It’s confusing but I think it was part of the process of cutting me out and bringing me into the world where my existence could bring joy even for few moments to a frown thats flipped upside down.

Some think it hurts to be cut from the womb and some assume being cut out is the easier part that has no sense of pain. I, on the other hand feel alive even before I was placed in the warming unit where the radiant heat source should help absorb all the moisture to avoid loss in natural temperature. I feel no pain nor do I feel ease.

It’s getting a bit noisier, I think it’s the visitors. I’m being moved to a cloud like sheet, sort of like the one in heaven. It’s white and fluffy. I hear there’s a dress code for genders, is that why there’s shade of blood on this sheet. As I get placed, I get a sinking feeling a good one. I don’t sink in completely, almost feeling the warmth of the bed with the fluff bouncing beneath my being while I loosely lay in my trademarked underlining declaring my birth.

I seemed to be moved around a lot. I remember being told that our existence on earth isn’t for long. We’re born in places, for rich or for poor. We survive to fulfill a purpose or we die trying.

There’s a bright light moving towards me or I’m moving towards it can’t really figure it out. They rubbed some kind of greasy substance on me, must be those oils that relaxes the skin. I’m finally sitting in one place, it’s slightly warm in here. Warmer than the room I was in right after my birth.

All senses awaken, if you’re lucky you know. You know the purpose you’ve been sent to serve. It’s already my day, I seemed to have been born in the rich. Which meant the day I was born is the day my role was declared. This is it, I soak all the heat in as it creeps through all my pores sinking into my cherry red duvet.

Today I’ll be resting in peace. Forgive me not for being the joy, forgive me for the pain to the ones with unfortunate genes.

– Love pepperoni lying on the far left side of the cheese and garlic crusted pizza fearlessly resting on the lips of the grateful

11421552_10153445262858156_515870416_n game night last night

Can I has a beetroot with the beast?

I’m in love with the Monster.

In the midst of my quarter life crisis and pinch of the finals. I’ve come to realize nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is as comforting as a glorious burger. Well, not nothing maybe other glorious food too like EVERYTHING but here I am talking about what I just ate and how it filled my heart with content.

I’ve been wanting to go on a burgathon in Dubai but I seem to be stuck with this beetroot, avocado smashed face of a burger with it’s dripping mango sauce. I’m just frustrated at how good I feel about this and sometimes I wonder why I can’t be so sure about anything else like I am about this, but then I just eat my buga.

Sorry but I’m not really sorry that you’re not getting the 1 or 1.5 minute of your life back. However, if you’d like to fill the void caused by a bad buga or well whatever it is that’s making you miserable..go has this. For the chicken lovers and meat hater don’t worry BurgerFuel has it covered just get dem spud fries to man handle in their tiny tub of ranch.

Until my next burgaventure

Burger Fuel, Big Monster

Haabun nice weekend


I stand by you Paratha! I do (Rewritten) #Independenceday #BaatKarain

I’ve decided to rewrite about a guilty pleasure of mine for Pakistan and India’s independence day. Contrary to the misconceptions, we’re actually two peas in a pod. Aleph Collective initiative has inspired my blabbing skills to wonder in some fond memories of my Desi origins.

I won’t break any stereo types here, In fact, I’d like to indulge and embrace what makes me truly “Desi”

Desi influence in my life has and still remains in two best forms; music and food. One of my best memory with my Baba is of the time when we reached home in a rain storm and decided to stay in the car listening to Muhammad Rafi, Hemant Kumar and Kishore Kumar songs while sipping Karak Chai, watching the rain hammer the car windows as if envious and seeking attention of some sort. Usually, it frightens and angers people to watch such weather disturb their nights but for us listening to ” woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi” was a memory I call one of the mental Kodak moments of my life.

Where it gets really sensitive for me is Parathas! Ammi always said I was a easy child, apparently Ghee wala paratha rolled in caster sugar made me see unicorns over the rainbow. You can say its played a role in my fluctuating waistline but the heart wants what it wants. If anyone has grown up or even briefly lived in Pakistan or India, I’d speak for them when I say apart from our Ammi ki pampering, Parathay walay uncle on the streets who start prepping the soft doughs before sunrise have been part of at least one memorable moment in their life.

So what are some of the many things that makes us the same? The pleasures of Paratha, Karak Chai and Farida khanum or Muhammad Rafi on repeat.

Happy Pakistan and Indian Independence day to all my friends back home and across the border.


Gelato World Tour 2014 Dubai


Picture randomly picked out of search

Winter’s leaving gradually and bringing in the sun to shine on our faces.. what better way to celebrate than to be at GWT. It’s not humid yet, it was quite sunny. Since I’m not a fan of that, it was quite literally piercing through my soul and only way it could have been fixed was with some creamy Gelato smoldering my mouth and senses. Regardless of all the complains I have against nature, it was a beautiful day.




Started off with the opening ceremony


I walked in and started looking around randomly


And eventually the day started to pick up


Random People walking around


Waiting to dunk my face into the Gelato freezer


There was a cookie taster competition


When it ended


Joselito Reyes Won. That’s one of the coolest rewards I’ve come across. Jealous.not.little


Also, won Gelato World Tour competition. Pretty cool eh?

Then there were some other competitions


The winner got this. Tops the cookie award. I could sell a kidney for that or maybe try to enter a competition next time. Ahmed Abdullatif  Gelato Shop Dolci Desideri won “Gold Spoon Tonda Challenge” 

Then I went around looking some more


Gelato Classes


My Favorite Chef instructor . Chef Ashwini. Instructor at ICCA DUBAI


Chef Instructors. Demonstrating Gelato Preparation 


Some conferences


Some indulging.



Some last minute Fun


Bye bye cookie

Now the bitter truth

Unfortunately, My two left feet got stuck with day job and night school. It was a real bummer for me considering a festival of Gelato itself is hard to come by very often. However, turning green browsing the internet with pictures and updates on the event, I thought why not just write about it and live the experience how I would’ve if I were there using whatever I found. All picture credit goes to ICCA and Gelato World Tour Facebook page and some random instagram finds.

Hope you enjoyed the little event roll. Thanks to all the people who went and took these pictures. allowing my imagination to experience it like it was. didn’t see that coming,did you? making a difference through clicking random pictures of People and Cream.;)



Gelato takeover in Dubai

My feet can’t help but dance across buses, metros and streets when something sweet starts calling. Today it dragged me to ICCA Dubai Gelato Open house. Yup, all you can eat Gelato and Frozen Yoghurt.

There were a selection of freshly made sorbets, from fruits to chocolate. Two of them that stood out for me and many others was “Dubilicious” as they called it and Gazpacho (I’m not sure what the story was behind this one) However, it was quite a surprise to your buds after all that sweet. Tasted everything like the soup, probably not for every palate. Dubilicious was infused with honey, orange blossom, rosewater blossom, pistachio ripple and is topped off with pistachio praline, making it stand out. All flavours available were a complete treat to the taste buds

ImageTop left to Right: Pistachio,,Vanilla,Gazpacho. Bottom left to right: Chocolate, Coffee, Dubilicious and Mango


Chef Marco and Chef Alice Churning out Gazpacho Gelato


Gazpacho Gelato

This can’t mildly be considered the best part of the day. All the Gelatos were not only being made on spot but were also being demonstrated by Master Gelato Trainer Alice Vignoli from renowned Italian Carpigiani Gelato University associated with the biggest Gelato Machine Manufacturers in the world.

On spot I was able to gain knowledge on basic Gelato techniques and a quick original Kiwi Gelato recipe. While this course becomes official by march at ICCA Dubai. Rumour has it, another one of the renowned chef from Carpigiani Gelato School will be rotating as an instructor for the Courses in Dubai.


Chef Alice Demonstrating Kiwi Gelato


and few minutes later. Holllaa! Gorgeous and Delicious Kiwi Gelato.

Also, I spent my time wisely trying all the flavors out repeatedly incase, my taste buds missed something. You know..just incase.


Self help. Which means you could put your mouth on it and nobody would stop you. Well, maybe not your mouth on the machine but it was self help. Eat all you want and I did.


All flavors conveniently mixed for my pleasure.

It’s alright if you missed it today. To make it all better Carpigiani has organised Dubai’s first Gelato World Tour this weekend. 13th to 15th February at Burj Park,Downtown.

Find my two left feet dancing around at the park.


-A xx

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